A strange feeling in my heart i get from time to time. A pain when i see a beautiful girl at the bus stop during a sunny day or a wet girl standing by the pathway on a rainy day or a girl with a lips tempting to kiss standing by a tree. Is it... Continue Reading →


Smoke #2

I missed your presence in my apartment, your smell, your dress, your laugh. My coffee cup missed yours. The apartment looked kind of creepy to be alone. The chess pieces still stood there on his room. It is then i realised i miss him more than you.  Will he come back here. After all the... Continue Reading →


Looking at the bright orange light that came to life by a friction,i sat there at the comfy cushion. Smoke filled the room as the fire burned through the rolled joints. Taking me high, smoke looked like a mere friend. Not just a mere friend but taking me back in time. Now looks like a... Continue Reading →


 The sound of waves finding its way crashing through the shores. The sun rays escaping the shades and reaching the room, our room. The photo frames of us giving wierd poses smiling down at us. Our dress scattered around the room. Opening my eyes only to look at ur beautiful face infront of me. My... Continue Reading →

That lone bus stop

It was late night and the bus stop was abandoned by people who sleep at night. And the buses took a 20 minutes delay than their usual 10 minutes delay. I stood there all alone. I began losing my patience and started to create a page at sarahah. A sudden sound of footstep. I raised... Continue Reading →

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