C.T.S #1

Again i saw her. This time she was standing there with her long hair flowing through her neck. Her dress was white in color like the last time. I was on the opposite side of the road staring at her beautiful face. Then she started walking down the road she was facing. This time i won’t just stand there and let her fade away like the last time. So i ran behind her so that i could see where she is going. When i reached the end of the empty road, she was sitting on the bus stop and staring right back at me. She was beautiful as hell and her eyes are black and dark as the devil. Since, it was the second time i am there on the empty street with that girl. I thought i would go and talk to her. I went near her in hesitation as she kept staring at me like i am gonna kill her. I managed to open my mouth and say a word “Hi” and then out of nowhere the building behind the bus stop started collapsing. “Yeah?”, my soft skill professor was asking me something and i was showing my hand as to indicate him i don’t know. It took me a minute to just realize that this was the real world..

It had been worse the first time. I can’t differentiate from which is real and which is vision. I just can’t control it. It was affecting me since my 12th holidays.

I fear this vision as it can destroy me. But i wish i could see the vision as the girl was fully evil, i could see it in her eyes. I’m attracted to that, evil…


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