Hers #2

"4:00 clock, coffee?", asked julie. Yeah, what's wrong i asked her as i thrown the paper at M. It hit straight at his head. Julie still staring at me. She just think that i may be leading this to a new level. But, i'm not. Friends hang out right?. Maybe not you but he can... Continue Reading →


HIS #2

"Find the power through the toaster" my physics sir's boring sums made us sleep. You know the wonderful feeling when you sleep in the last bench. A crushed piece of paper came landing on my head. It was from amyra. Yup, we became friends infact, close friends when we sang 'as long as u love... Continue Reading →

Hers #1

"They are the boys who can make anything happen here in school, amyra", said julie. Then who am i, the headmaster's daughter i thought to myself. As i stared at the boys playing julie started to cry. It was a chalk and the boy thrown that chalk was staring at me rather than asking sorry... Continue Reading →

HIS #1

"Last bench is mine", said mihil. The usual occupy of the last bench by the wolf pack of the 11th boys on the first day of school. The usual first day trivia going on. Break time is the new official entertainment time of the school. Playing with chalkpiece and beating up friends are the best.... Continue Reading →

C.T.S #6

Again i saw her. Her fingers going through her long black hair. Her dark eyes remained the same. Can't just take her out of my mind. Should i propose to her?. Nope, that won't be appropriate. But she wasn't in my dreams. She was my dreams. I was restless, with wandering thoughts. I feared this... Continue Reading →

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