C.T.S #2

Again I saw her, at the staircase. This time the place was familiar. It was the college staircase. I stopped at that moment when I saw her on the stairs staring at me with her dark eyes. For some reason I’m attracted towards it. She climbed the stairs. Her dress was noticeable as it was my school uniform but I never saw her in my school. I became nervous as she came closer to me. Her skin was like Bournville chocolate. She came even closer to me. I touched her for the first time. Her skin was as smooth as glass. I saw her eyes locked into mine. Her eyes was like the crescent moon covered by the darkness of the sky. I gently stroked her hair out of her face. A thin line of eyeliner added an extra beauty and detail to it. She had a rose tattooed to her neck.  Her lips was red, a hint of lipstick. And that lipstick didn’t taste good as I had expected. 

Yup, we kissed. We were standing there alone on that staircase kissing for the first time. But still I don’t know her name or anything about her. A strange chill spread across my body as to think whether it was an illusion or real.

My friend Rahul called out to me and asked me why I had stopped at the stairs. “Excuse me” a stranger was saying as he climbed down the stairs. For a moment I thought that was real. Atleast I wished it to be real.

I had the feeling of the kiss. Another strange chill swept me almost knocking me off the ground. If it wasn’t real how the hell did I had the feeling of it. Or if I had the feeling, who did I kiss…

This was getting worse…

You got to accept the consequences when you fall in love with the devil…

I named her rose because of her tattoo…

She seemed to be a rose…

“When someone finds love they do whatever to have it in their hands”



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