C.T.S #4

Again i saw her. Her dark and long hair flowing on the right side of her face. She was sleeping, on me. She was as gentle like a flower. Like a star, beautiful in the night. I was just staring at her breathing and cuddling all over me. We were there sleeping on the tree house of hers. Through the window the white circle which made that night even more beautiful and romantic was the full moon. I bent and kissed her on the forehead without waking her. I just admired her beauty. “Did you understand?” My physics professor was pointing me and interrupted the best moment of the illusion.

Suddenly my gaze fell on the girl outside, who just crossed my class room. Can it be?. My rose is real?. Just then the class was dismissed. I raced out of the class and My heart just skipped a beat. 

She was there, front of my eyes. Wearing a traditional saree, maybe for the occation. Her dark hair flowing through her right shoulder just like my illusion. Her dark eyes suddenly saw me. But she just gazed away and i lost her in the crowd.

“Dreams do come true..❤❤”

                       – Rahul sriram


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