HIS #2

“Find the power through the toaster” my physics sir’s boring sums made us sleep. You know the wonderful feeling when you sleep in the last bench. A crushed piece of paper came landing on my head. It was from amyra. Yup, we became friends infact, close friends when we sang ‘as long as u love me’ in class chorus. We laughed about it, introduced and hung out. Yeah and the piece of paper was saying that “coffee at 4:00 outside school”. Her cute eyes and anxious hands over her curly hair looking at me for an okay. I simply nodded. We usually exchange glances during classes. 

Akil my closest friend (the only person in the world who knows all my crushes and love) smiling and nodding at me. Asked him “what?”. Is something going between you two?, he asked. I was expecting this question for some time. I nodded. And i told him about how i feel about her, her eyes. “Get out”, physics sir yelled at us. I thought finally a good decision. So?, akil said outside the class. What? , i knew where he is going. “I’m not gonna propose her” i said. If you’re in love better say it now, said akil. 

So the question is “how?”


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