HIS #3

“I want her to get my name”,said M. M got her name as she got his. It was not an accident but well planned. We were playing secret Santa. Getting her name and giving her a gift can show my love, M thought. It was twenty days to Christmas. Everyday each persons secret Santa should give them a chocolate. A five star chocolate found in M’s bag. Yup, getting her a dairy milk and she gave me a five star. Something was strange about the chocolate. This time it tasted delicious. It started to rain outside. The last class was cancelled. I saw amyra across the hall tearing open the dairy milk cover. Her eyes were filled with lust when she saw the dairy milk. I laughed to myself. Then the smooth and soft chocolate layer touched her gentle lips and then crushed by the teeth behind. She was happy.

I saw her brother standing and quarrelling with some guys. He would have been beaten up if it was not for akil who interrupted and made peace with those guys. “Who are you to stop them”, the boy yelled at him. I calmed him down and said,”I’m your sister’s boyfriend. Now i need to look after her little brother right?”. Yeah i knew i messed it up. He stared at me and went away. Akil didn’t say anything.

Later that day , we were standing outside school. I was waiting for amyra to know whether she knew. She was there across the street. She saw me. She was not looking angry nor calm. She walked towards me slowly. She took my glasses away. Hint of a kiss right?. I bent a little bit.


Four slaps right and left. She didn’t say anything, a tear went down her cheek and she turned and walked away. A strange smile was across M’s face. He ran behind amyra crossing her, went on one knee and said “I’m sorry….I LOVE YOU”….



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