The sky painted in dark orange shades and the great mountain hindering the view from the doors of the happy pub. A famous pub in the village for all men to come drink some wine, chat, sing and dance away all their sorrows and happiness. It has been six years since victor and Tej met. Tej was there on the last table on the happiest pub there ever was. What would victor want with someone who wanders through the various town selling drugs. “Care for a drink?”, a deep voice came from the counter straight towards Tej. It was victor, a young man with a well built body and fair. “Yes, some wine please”. “Still on wine, eh”, mocking comment from victor. “Wine women and wealth can make a man do anything, victor”, Tej replied with his calm voice. Tej was a brown small guy with dark long hair. “Hear hear”, everyone raised their cups for the quote from Tej. “Even the whole world would be burned down to have those three”, came from a man standing on the stage. “What is the proposal victor?”. “The lost map”. A strange felling swept over Tej. The map is called the lost map because it was lost over the time, did you lost your mind over the chill beer you are drinking?”, a quick reply. “I found the map. Two days ago i lost my way in the forest and found the castle of the thym. The map resides in the hand of a statue soldier”, exclaimed Victor as he had done a great achievement. “Then why don’t you have it now”, asked Tej with a doubt. “The whole castle comes to life if a single rock is moved, believe me Tej. I need you. We can take the map take on the treasure and be as rich as the kings.” Tej hesitated for a moment and thought over their time together as a mercenaries. Victor never lets anyone down. “How are we gonna travel the whole time,Vic”. “Roselyn”, said vic leaving tej motionless.


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