A fine evening, we were there

Saw your face and your flowing hair

Your eyes and lips without any flaws

I thought you would be mine forever

On a Sunday you thought different

For the pain is mine forever

Time heals everything

Except for the scars

Mine is you

It has been three years

Still my heart beat collapses

Hearing your name

Eyes go wet and red

From the memories of your eyes

Some laugh and some gossip

For they don’t know

That even a thousand faces and hundred crushes

Still can’t get past your eyes

I search for you in every girl

Found only one

My secret crush

But she had other ideas

My life was such a mess

Before and after you

You were the only perfect thing in my life

For you know that yourself

And chose otherwise

I hope one day

A message will pop on my mobile

And all the broken pieces fall into places

But until that day comes

The pain is mine. . . . .

– will be yours forever. . .








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