A different girl…A different time

It was one of those time,i went so deep into movies and TV-shows isolating me from the events of the world living inside my own world. I stopped searching for her in every girl i saw. Life was good. Sleeping, Reading novels and watching movies, Yeah life was good. One friend by my side and that’s all i wanted. Until, she came running towards my life with a desire to shoot me down again one more time. The last thing i wanted was, me having a crush again. What is it with me. I can’t control it. It was like every time i got up my heart keeps pushing me down. But can’t blame my heart tho.

It was a rainy morning. she came running, fully drenched in her white t-shirt and blue jeans. She stood there, one hand grasping the pole on the pathway and with the free hand trying to catch some rain. I saw her from a distance which seemed like miles away. I wanted to go near her. I wanted to hold her hand. I wanted to hug her. I wanted to smell her hair. I wanted to enjoy the pouring rain, by staring at her blue eyes. I simply stood there for a few minutes saw her enjoying the rain and walked back to our empty class room and sat there thinking the events again and again in my mind. Have you not had enough? my mind seemed like asking a question. All i could say was, a different girl…a different time.


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