Life and love…

There are some times you may wonder why certain things are happening. You always wanted to change the course of your life. You may wonder sometimes that the cupid may be bored of his work and started shooting his arrows with heart-head randomly at people. As someone told once, you can’t choose whom we love. But at the end love is all we need. When we are down in life, knocked by failures, when we needed to cry, when we need to let the monster that dwell within ourselves out on the world which brought you down, when you want to jump off a building, when you want to get in a fight just to get your ass kicked so that the pain may make you happy, all you really want is the laughing face of your loved ones. The smile of your best friend. The smile of your brother. The warmth of your bed. The lips of your partner. 

Laugh even in your hardest situation.


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