“VICIOUS MURDER ON THE CRUISE BOAT”, the headlines read. I put down the paper without reading further as it was written by me. In the mirror, i saw a 24 year old dissatisfied boy with long dark hair staring back at me. I believe that everyone on the world are there for a purpose. But obviously I haven’t finished mine and couldn’t figure out what it was. Labeled boxes filled one corner of the room. There comes the landlord waving his angry hand seeing me still standing at the window of the room I was supposed to vacate two days ago. I lost my job as a journalist for being a coward. A good timing is when someone is gonna embarrass you and your friend comes to save you. My friend john was at the door having a word with the landlord who apparently have a good opinion on him as he pays my rent. John came in, took one of the boxes and indicated me to pick the other boxes.

I moved in with another friend of john, named Jeff. He was rich by doing some business that i don’t care enough to ask. All i want now is a job. All i want now is a news worth to make the front page. I put on my jeans and black t-shirt and strolled down the streets. Strong smell of coffee filled the air. A cup of coffee and eggs were my breakfast for a few days. The cafe point was famous for its coffee. My endless thought was interrupted by a guy who sat in the chair front to me started to talk.

“Hey, Richard right?” asked the guy as if he knew me for a long time. I just simply nodded my head to say yes. “I’m sorry for not being there when you moved in man”. He probably saw my face and answered before i could ask him who is he. “I’m Jeff”, he said as he stretched his hand before me. “Oh, sorry about that. I thought you were someone else” I said as if i really felt sorry.  We sat there for an hour or so and left for our room as we talked about our lives. “so,you have any plans for tonight”, I asked him so that i will know that if i had to spend the night alone. “Well there is a fundraiser party i was invited .You can come if you don’t have anything to do”.

So we were there at the party. “So, you rich?”, i asked Jeff. “Nah, man. Its all for the drinks and girls” he replied laughing. It was a huge place with classical arrangement. There were waiters serving drinks to all. The crowd was huge and everyone was rich than i could think. I wondered how this guy could be possibly invited to this kind of party. He was calm most of the time. “Another drink”, Jeff said. The piano stopped playing and a guy from the crowd with his costly dress and a cup came forward to give a speech.”Here comes the boring part of the party. I’m going to the bathroom. Have a drink” said he and went towards the bathroom. I sat alone at the table drinking myself another cup. Then everything happened within an instant and i was catching my breath outside the building. I still couldn’t figure out what has happened. I walked down the way to our room. I totally forgot about Jeff until i opened my room and saw him sitting there in the couch. “Hey man, i was worried. Where were you?”. “I don’t know what happened, One moment i was sitting there and the next i was running towards the exit and came home”,i said sitting on the chair. “Well, there was a false fire alarm and everyone ran out. I searched for you and i thought you went home” he said.

The morning came in with a different story. Jeff woke me up saying something interesting happened last night. I went down with him and took a look at the paper lying on the floor. “Stabbing on the hall”, the headlines read. “Looks like someone didn’t like the speech”, he said looking at my startled face. It was Mr.Joseph the guy who was giving the speech before the fire alarm was killed. There were three stabbings in shoulder, abdomen and neck. It was well planned . They set the fire alarm and when everybody was making to the exit they stabbed him. No evidence till now…



A fine evening, we were there

Saw your face and your flowing hair

Your eyes and lips without any flaws

I thought you would be mine forever

On a Sunday you thought different

For the pain is mine forever

Time heals everything

Except for the scars

Mine is you

It has been three years

Still my heart beat collapses

Hearing your name

Eyes go wet and red

From the memories of your eyes

Some laugh and some gossip

For they don’t know

That even a thousand faces and hundred crushes

Still can’t get past your eyes

I search for you in every girl

Found only one

My secret crush

But she had other ideas

My life was such a mess

Before and after you

You were the only perfect thing in my life

For you know that yourself

And chose otherwise

I hope one day

A message will pop on my mobile

And all the broken pieces fall into places

But until that day comes

The pain is mine. . . . .

– will be yours forever. . .







The Ride To The Mountains

The sky painted in dark orange shades and the great mountain hindering the view from the doors of the happy pub. A famous pub in the village for all men to come drink some wine, chat, sing and dance away all their sorrows and happiness. It has been six years since victor and Tej met. Tej was there on the last table on the happiest pub there ever was. What would victor want with someone who wanders through the various town selling drugs. “Care for a drink?”, a deep voice came from the counter straight towards Tej. It was victor, a young man with a well built body and fair. “Yes, some wine please”. “Still on wine, eh”, mocking comment from victor. “Wine women and wealth can make a man do anything, victor”, Tej replied with his calm voice. Tej was a brown small guy with dark long hair. “Hear hear”, everyone raised their cups for the quote from Tej. “Even the whole world would be burned down to have those three”, came from a man standing on the stage. “What is the proposal victor?”. “The lost map”. A strange felling swept over Tej. The map is called the lost map because it was lost over the time, did you lost your mind over the chill beer you are drinking?”, a quick reply. “I found the map. Two days ago i lost my way in the forest and found the castle of the thym. The map resides in the hand of a statue soldier”, exclaimed Victor as he had done a great achievement. “Then why don’t you have it now”, asked Tej with a doubt. “The whole castle comes to life if a single rock is moved, believe me Tej. I need you. We can take the map take on the treasure and be as rich as the kings.” Tej hesitated for a moment and thought over their time together as a mercenaries. Victor never lets anyone down. “How are we gonna travel the whole time,Vic”. “Roselyn”, said vic leaving tej motionless.