A fine evening, we were there

Saw your face and your flowing hair

Your eyes and lips without any flaws

I thought you would be mine forever

On a Sunday you thought different

For the pain is mine forever

Time heals everything

Except for the scars

Mine is you

It has been three years

Still my heart beat collapses

Hearing your name

Eyes go wet and red

From the memories of your eyes

Some laugh and some gossip

For they don’t know

That even a thousand faces and hundred crushes

Still can’t get past your eyes

I search for you in every girl

Found only one

My secret crush

But she had other ideas

My life was such a mess

Before and after you

You were the only perfect thing in my life

For you know that yourself

And chose otherwise

I hope one day

A message will pop on my mobile

And all the broken pieces fall into places

But until that day comes

The pain is mine. . . . .

– will be yours forever. . .







C.T.S #6

Again i saw her. Her fingers going through her long black hair. Her dark eyes remained the same. Can’t just take her out of my mind. Should i propose to her?. Nope, that won’t be appropriate. But she wasn’t in my dreams. She was my dreams. I was restless, with wandering thoughts. I feared this may lead me again to the first time it happened.

“If i’m the would be my precious..💔💔”


C.T.S #5

The sky was dark. The white pearl droplets came rushing from the dark clouds. It was cold. I was there standing in the pathway, just staring at the dark eyes of her. A cold breeze came and blew her hair. Such a beautiful sight. Then a gutwrenching pain ached my heart knowing that she already has a boyfriend. That beauty can’t be mine. My illusions just betrayed me. 

My eyes become wet as if i’m going to cry on the thought of seeing her with someone. I just smiled and went to my class,leaving behind my illusions and reality.

“she was my only untold crush,wish…everything..💔💔”

                           -It’s me..(M….N)

C.T.S #4

Again i saw her. Her dark and long hair flowing on the right side of her face. She was sleeping, on me. She was as gentle like a flower. Like a star, beautiful in the night. I was just staring at her breathing and cuddling all over me. We were there sleeping on the tree house of hers. Through the window the white circle which made that night even more beautiful and romantic was the full moon. I bent and kissed her on the forehead without waking her. I just admired her beauty. “Did you understand?” My physics professor was pointing me and interrupted the best moment of the illusion.

Suddenly my gaze fell on the girl outside, who just crossed my class room. Can it be?. My rose is real?. Just then the class was dismissed. I raced out of the class and My heart just skipped a beat. 

She was there, front of my eyes. Wearing a traditional saree, maybe for the occation. Her dark hair flowing through her right shoulder just like my illusion. Her dark eyes suddenly saw me. But she just gazed away and i lost her in the crowd.

“Dreams do come true..❤❤”

                       – Rahul sriram

C.T.S #3

Again i saw her. It was an empty open space lit by moonlight and stars. I was standing alone on that place in my tuxedo. The place was filled with roses, red roses. It was more like a garden. A strange thought told me that Rose was standing beside me. I quickly glanced over my shoulder, turn around and saw my mind blown into pieces upto paradise. It was a beautiful sight as my rose was standing there among these roses with her complete black dress (gown). She was wearing a mask like the one people used to wear at the carnival. I could see her eyes glittering with love. The passing clouds dimmed the moonlight which made it even more romantic. She walked towards me slowly. 

We were holding hands there on the moonlight. Out of nowhere music started pouring. I knew what was about to happen. I backed a step when she reached for my hand. She saw me with her cute puppy eyes which made me think, anything for her. She grabbed my hands and placed one in her shoulders and other in her slim waist. “Just, follow my lead”, she said. Then after a moment we were dancing to the music that has come from nowhere. It was exactly like out of an fairytale. As we danced the clouds have passed. She was more beautiful under the moonlight. I thought i’m gonna propose her. I slowly removed the mask from her face and leaned over her. Both my hands were on her face. Then i gently kissed her. Her smooth lips were like my drug making me high. She just backed up and stared straight into my eyes. This time i saw love from her heart shown by her eyes. She just hugged me and whisphered the words “I LOV….” 

The alarm went off waking me up. 

This couldn’t get any better except finding my rose in the real world.