"I'm sorry.....I LOVE YOU", I went on one knee. I have no idea why i did that. Amyra stared for a minute and walked passed me and left. Later that night "do you really mean it?", a message popped in my phone. I replied Yes. That was the last message on that day. But what... Continue Reading →


HIS #3

"I want her to get my name",said M. M got her name as she got his. It was not an accident but well planned. We were playing secret Santa. Getting her name and giving her a gift can show my love, M thought. It was twenty days to Christmas. Everyday each persons secret Santa should... Continue Reading →

Hers #2

"4:00 clock, coffee?", asked julie. Yeah, what's wrong i asked her as i thrown the paper at M. It hit straight at his head. Julie still staring at me. She just think that i may be leading this to a new level. But, i'm not. Friends hang out right?. Maybe not you but he can... Continue Reading →

HIS #2

"Find the power through the toaster" my physics sir's boring sums made us sleep. You know the wonderful feeling when you sleep in the last bench. A crushed piece of paper came landing on my head. It was from amyra. Yup, we became friends infact, close friends when we sang 'as long as u love... Continue Reading →

Hers #1

"They are the boys who can make anything happen here in school, amyra", said julie. Then who am i, the headmaster's daughter i thought to myself. As i stared at the boys playing julie started to cry. It was a chalk and the boy thrown that chalk was staring at me rather than asking sorry... Continue Reading →

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